The process

The process of commissioning a piece of furniture is dependent on the wishes of the client, but usually follows one of two broad paths; either where the client already has a design, produced by him or herself, or by an architect or designer, in which case I simply give a quotation; or where the client needs us to start from scratch. In this case I usually visit, to discuss the work, measure up, and to show samples of materials. Then I produce a design or designs,on paper, computer, or scale model, and when a design has been agreed, I do a quotation.
   many-legged table maquette(not yet built)
   wave bench maquette (built for St. Philip's School, Cambridge)

When the design and price have been agreed, the next question is usually, "when can we have it?" This can be one of the hardest parts of the negotiation, but I usually manage to come to an agreement. I am very used to making kitchens and other fitted furniture, and dealing with the deadlines and negotiations with other tradesmen that they entail. When it comes to the actual work, I generally start by making detailed construction drawings. I source the timber, generally from 3 or 4 trusted timber yards. I carefully plan the cuts, to get harmony of colour and grain in the finished piece. I use a wide range of ancient and modern tools and techniques in the construction, always trying to achieve beauty and durability.

I even make handles and metal fittings where necessary.

 some of my handle designs

Finishing is also varied, from linseed oil and beeswax to modern lacquer. I do all my delivery and fitting myself, and I have a long- running aftercare service.

I am not VAT registered, which is a great advantage to my private clients.